About Us

What is is an internet broadcasting website that streams podcasts on a variety of topics. Golf, DIY projects, Music Composition, Life Hacks, Cars, etc. Also included will be any interviews or audio that friends, followers, listeners, acquaintances and colleagues agree to share. 

Mission is designed to make you think, expand your horizons and  encourage the mindset that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

New Content Every Week will only send you stuff that pertains to and nothing more. Our goal is too keep you thinking outside the box! Fill out the contact info and get it on the regular!

Don't worry! Our goal is to send out new content and only the stuff that makes us smile, think and genuinely feel like sharing with our listeners.

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Want to join the team? Have a question? Want to leave a comment? You cannot be heard if you never make a sound! Seriously, it might ignite a spark that fires up the creation of content that interests you...


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